What our clients are saying about Great Assistant

I now have so much more mental space. My time is more valuable because I’m not worrying about what’s not getting done.

I have complete trust in my Great Assistant. I can go all day or even two days without checking my email and I know that if something urgent comes up, I’ll get a message or call from Rachel. She’s the only one that has that access to me. 

It’s true peace of mind. [Read more]
Sarah Olivieri
Sarah Olivieri
Owner, PivotGround
I had high expectations for the Great Assistant process and they’ve been exceeded!

I was nervous about recruiting and interviewing but was so impressed by Maria, who worked with me to clarify the message of the ads that would go out and the type of person we were looking for.

It was a valuable experience for me to go through. I appreciated the high-quality candidates I was presented with and the seamless way we were connected. [Read more]
Garrett Salpeter
Garrett Salpeter
Owner, NeuFit
Stop thinking and just do it. Book a phone call with Great Assistant. Follow the process and you’ll be thrilled with the results and support you receive!

Now that I have a virtual assistant taking phone calls, replying to emails, and billing insurance companies, I’m able to help more people and can continue billing insurance - something I was ready to give up on because of the huge headache it was for me. [Read more]
Megghan Thompson
Owner, Megghan Thompson Coaching and Thompson Child Therapy
Working with the Great Assistant Program was such an awesome experience and generated outstanding candidates.

The hiring and onboarding process was so smooth, that I’ve adopted some of the Great Assistant Program methodologies to hire my own sales staff!

RUN, don't walk, to working with the Great Assistant Program to ensure that you hire the right person the first time! [Read more]
Daniel Moskowitz
Daniel Moskowitz
Director of Sales and Strategy, Advance Your Reach
I think one thing that holds people back from hiring an assistant is that they assume they’ll have to spend loads of time training them.

Everyone we’ve hired from Great Assistant has come in and hit the ground running. Great Assistant trains the hires to take on minutiae using 360 Delegation.

All of the assistants have been so smart and eager to learn. We actually use 360 Delegation company-wide now because it's such a great tool! [Read more]
Rachel Stivers
Rachel Stivers
Director of Marketing, Advance Your Reach
I have time to think about my business and acting practice and am able to focus on being a leader. It’s a joy and a privilege that I didn’t think possible.

If you're thinking about hiring a Great Assistant to help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t, you won’t be sorry!  

It was a great decision and I couldn’t be happier with the results! [Read more]
David Lawrence
David H Lawrence XVII
Owner, VO2GoGo
Having a Great Assistant has been a huge help to my business. Everything is running so much more smoothly now because of it.

The wonderful thing about Great Assistant is that you can trust that the assistants are well qualified and trained.

I wish I found Great Assistant sooner. I would recommend to anyone considering getting an assistant to go ahead hire Great Assistant. It’s so worth it! [Read more]
Susan Clark
Susan Clark
Owner, & Founder, Cornerstone Solutions
If you’re a busy Entrepreneur, hire the Great Assistant Program and trust their matching process. It’s such a well-oiled machine.

There’s no way, if I hired someone on my own, I’d find someone with my 'trifecta': it’s really hard to tell if someone is a cultural fit AND motivated AND skilled.

Somehow the Great Assistant Program has found multiple teammates for us who fit this trifecta. I couldn’t be happier! [Read more]
Mark McShurley
Mark McShurley
Co-Owner, RoofSimple
I like to work smarter, not harder, and thanks to the Great Assistant Program’s training, I’m learning more and more how to effectively delegate.

It feels really good to not be doing everything myself!

I’m now able to focus on what I do best, which is client consulting. I now have a smooth, professional onboarding process and am offering an excellent customer experience. [Read more]
Christine O'Brien
Christine O’Brien
Owner of Creating Calm Coach
If you’re working toward high-value items in your business, the last thing you want to do is to dilute your time and attention working on things like resetting passwords, bill payments, scheduling meetings, and other low-level tasks. Identifying these tasks and hiring someone to take them on is important to consider.

The Great Assistant Program combined the process knowledge and best practices to effectively managed the entire hiring and onboarding process for me. [Read more]
Kris Tuttle
Kris Tuttle
Owner and CEO of IPO Candy
If you’re a busy Entrepreneur, hire the Great Assistant Program and trust their matching process. It’s such a well-oiled machine.

There’s no way, if I hired someone on my own, I’d find someone with my 'trifecta': it’s really hard to tell if someone is a cultural fit AND motivated AND skilled.

Somehow the Great Assistant Program has found multiple teammates for us who fit this trifecta. I couldn’t be happier! [Read more]
Amy Taft
Amy Taft, LPC
Owner of Trinity Professional Counseling
The sleepless nights are over. I am no longer stressed-out and worrying about all the things I didn't get done.

My Great Assistant tracks everything so I can focus on doing what I do best and delegate the rest. I’m able to keep my momentum going and I’m finally feeling energized instead of burnt out.

If you're on the fence about getting a Great Assistant, my biggest piece of advice to you is, don't wait. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and in your business. [Read more]
John Livesay
John Livesay
Sales Keynote Speaker, Author, and Story Telling Expert
I'm having my best year ever financially. I'm no longer overwhelmed by email and for calls and interviews, all I have to do is show up and share.

I've got more free time than I have had in the previous 13 years of trying to run my business without a Great Assistant. This has given me much more time with my family and to focus on my health.

I highly recommend you talk with someone at the Great Assistant Program to find out if you're ready to free up your time and energy to build your business. [Read more]
Rob Goyette
Rob Goyette
Owner and CEO of Robert Goyette, LLC
Working with the Great Assistant Program was well worth the money! It was a smooth and easy process.

I would likely still be looking for someone or would have made the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person and had to replace them by now.

I’ve saved me so much money, time, and energy working with the Great Assistant Program. [Read more]
Dr. Tricia Thompson
Owner & Founder, Maryland Integrative Health
I already have recommended you guys! My VA has been a really good fit for me so far, … she’s a quality candidate and I see myself working with her for a long time.
Austin Brawner
CEO, ECommerceInfluence.com
I tried 5 different times to hire an assistant over the years. Each was a terrible experience and very expensive. You guys pared me up with Bridgett in just a few weeks. You helped train us and got us working together smoothly. It has been transformational for me, my family, and my business.
Joshua Boswell
My VA is doing so much, so well that I actually had to let my old assistant go. The contrast was so stark I couldn’t justify keeping my old person on anymore. She is responsive, learns quickly, and is excited about the work. I feel like I really lucked out in finding Great Assistant and being matched with her.
Allison Puryear
CEO of Abundance Practice-Building
My VA is great. She is accurate in her work and helps keep me organized. I have a million more things to hand off to her, but I like the approach we are taking where she is getting a task or two a week and mastering them before I give her a new one.
Kimberly Maska
Entrepreneur Coach
We’re thrilled! Our Assistant fits us so perfectly. Our Assistant has been amazing. She’s so fast! I’m getting things done I’ve been meaning to do for years. She’s really honest too. She’s getting me organized and writing SOPs. My productivity has skyrocketed.
Rey and Angelica
eCommerce owners
I lost 2 years of opportunity cost trying other assistants that didn’t work out. I got more traction in one week with my Great Assistant than the previous 2 years trying to find an assistant myself.
Winnie Lau
Authorized Infinite Bank Practitioner

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