Overcoming the Fear of Losing Control With an Assistant: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Ever felt that heart-stopping fear of losing control when you think about hiring an assistant?

You’re not alone. 

But here’s a twist – hiring an assistant could actually mean gaining control, not losing it.

Think of your business as a child. Just like the best parents need babysitters, your business needs more hands and minds to thrive. An assistant provides just that.

When you delegate, you’re not losing control. Instead, you’re pinpointing your focus on what truly matters – the big picture, the strategic vision, and the real growth drivers that allow your business to scale.

Here’s how to take this crucial step:

Start small.

Delegate less critical tasks first, and gradually expand their role.

When I first started, I gave my Assistant the task of writing podcast show notes. If they messed up, it didn’t ruin the business. Little by little I gave my Assistant more ownership and trust towards handling bigger tasks/projects.

Later on in our relationship, my Assistant was planning in-person events and came within 2% of the budget that I gave her. 

Don’t think of your assistant as just a “task-doer”. They’re a strategic partner. As this relationship develops, you’ll see your fear start to fade while your confidence starts to soar.

So, it’s time to break the fear, let go of your need to control, and watch your business truly thrive. 

Remember, you’re in good company. Many successful entrepreneurs have walked this path before you. 

Now it’s your turn!

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