How I Tripled My Sales Close Rate from 34% to 81%

Today, I want to share with you a remarkable transformation that took my sales closing rate from 34% to a whopping 81% in just three months. 

My name is Tim Francis, and I’m the proud owner of Great Assistant, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find the perfect assistant. Now, let me take you through the three key factors that allowed me to skyrocket my sales closing rate and revolutionize my business.

  1. The Right Sales Style

    One of the first lessons I learned was that the sales method must align with both my personality and my audience’s preferences. For small businesses like ours, the rigid, pressure-packed sales tactics of large corporations just wouldn’t cut it.

    Instead, I needed a more conversational, consultative approach—one that felt inviting and approachable.

    I discovered that asking provocative questions during the sales call helped potential clients see the value of our services more clearly. By focusing on finding the right fit, I could disqualify leads that weren’t suitable for our type of Asssistant, saving everyone time and energy.

  2. Knowing What Must Be True For Someone to Say “Yes”

    I had an epiphany when my sales coach asked me a simple question: “What would have to be true for someone to buy from you?” This led me to identify three crucial factors:

    Factor #1:  The client must genuinely believe they need an assistant and understand the benefits it brings.

    Factor #2: They should be looking for the kind of assistant we specialize in: someone based in the US or Canada, tech-savvy, and eager to become a valuable asset to the entrepreneur.

    Factor #3: They must want us to handle the assistant-hiring process for them, as we offer not just assistance but also training and support to ensure a successful long-term partnership.

    Understanding these criteria allowed me to quickly assess whether a prospect was a good fit, leading to faster and more effective sales calls.

  3. Weekly Call Reviews

    To continuously improve my sales technique, I started recording my sales calls and submitting them to my coach for review.

    Every week, we would both analyze the calls independently and then meet to compare notes and identify one or two key areas for improvement.

    The 30-minute weekly sessions were incredibly productive, allowing me to implement the suggested changes immediately the following week.

The Results: Closing Deals Faster Than Ever

By diligently following these three steps, I witnessed a stunning transformation in my sales process. Sales calls that used to take an hour were now wrapping up in just 35 to 40 minutes, resulting in a substantial increase in my close rate.

My journey from a 34% close rate to an impressive 81% was a transformative experience that reshaped my approach to sales. 

It taught me the importance of finding a sales style that resonates with both me and my target audience. I also learned to focus on the essential criteria that lead to successful partnerships with our clients.

I encourage you to apply these lessons to your own business and see what happens. Remember, it’s not about closing every deal at any cost; it’s about finding the right fit and building long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

I hope this has inspired you to rethink your sales strategy and embrace the power of authenticity and genuine connection during your sales calls. 

Onwards and upwards

~ Tim Francis, Founder of Great Assistant

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