Properly Training My Assistant Tripled My Income

After I failed with my first five Assistants, I believed training an Assistant was a huge waste of time because they’d just quit.  Plus I could just do it better myself so why bother?

And the math just didn’t make sense to spend 30 minutes training an Assistant on a 10 minute task. I basically gave up on ever getting an Assistant.

Then, one day I was feeling completely exhausted and demoralized.  I’d spent all day working like a madman, yet – ONCE AGAIN – I’d made truly zero progress on my most important projects.

That’s when it hit me that the biggest waste was me.

I was wasting my potential day in and day out dying a slow death, crushed by minutiae of day to day administrative tasks and email.  Something had to change.

So I did a time study, logging every minute of my day. It was an eye-opener. I was wasting so much time on small stuff, while my real game-changing work was on hold.

Reminded me of the age-old quote,

“Hell is meeting the man I could have been.”  

I stared at my time-study and shivers ran down my spine when I realized how much time I was wasting.

I devised a 3 part gameplan which worked perfectly:

  1. Hired a North American dedicated assistant who wanted a long-term opportunity, had the right attitude and work ethic, and was tech savvy.
  2. I found the tasks in my time study which repeated often, were easy to teach, easy to learn, I was already doing myself, and wouldn’t sink the company if done incorrectly
  3. I not only started training, but I DOUBLED DOWN on training my Assistant. Treating her like a long-term investment that appreciates over time.

The result?

Within one year my income tripled and I had more flex time than I ever thought imaginable.

Obviously training the wrong assistant on the wrong tasks is a recipe for failure.

But get the right assistant doing the right tasks and provide them with the right training, and you’ll unleash one of the biggest force multipliers of your entire career.

You’ll also regain the hope that your business is a vehicle to make your dreams come true.

Onwards and upwards

Tim 🙂

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