Fast track to the top by joining our new and fast-growing startup!

Unlimited commission.  Flexible hours. Work from home anywhere in the US or Canada.

Significant opportunity for your position and compensation to rise rapidly as the company grows.

Our Team already has proven sales, a proven product, strong production team, and now needs a dynamic salesperson ready to take sales to the next level.  Presently the CEO is the lead salesperson and wearing too many different hats in the business – he’s now looking to hand the sales reins over to you.

Our company is called Great Assistant,  We’re a recruiting company who helps Entrepreneurs get a virtual, Executive Assistant.  Entrepreneurs want one of our Assistants to take over their day-to-day minutiae, so the Entrepreneur can get back to doing the big-picture work they love.  Our clients include internet business owners and other no-office professionals like insurance salespeople, real estate agents, financial planners, consultants, and authors.

– Our Reason Why is, “The Thrilling Pursuit of Excellence.”

Our Company Values are:

– Be Accountable and Transparent

– Show People You Care

– Pursue Mastery and Growth

You must be based in the US or Canada.

You must have professional sales training, and have at least 3 years in-field experience selling services to small business owners.  Formal training in the Sandler Sales System preferred.

As the lone salesperson, you’ll be expected to produce $1M in sales your first year.  We have data to prove this is achievable by the right candidate. By Nov 30, 2022, we expect the whole company will sell $10M / year.  You’ve got the opportunity to grow sales to that level, developing the salespeople, comp plan, and sales process along the way.

In year 1, you’ll be responsible to grow, manage, and close deals in two sales funnels: 1) prospecting for and booking stages for our CEO to speak and pitch from; 2) taking inbound leads generated by those presentations and closing deals over video-calls.

You must be comfortable with technology (Zoom, Google Apps, Trello, and others), and provide your own hardware and software.

Your Competencies:

– Ambitious, Clean Winner: you’re hungry to compete and win, while also playing “the right way,” always respecting the humanity of all and playing fair within the rules.

– Honesty: our sales process involves consulting with clients to see if: 1) the timing is right to buy; 2) if it’s likely they’ll get a strong ROI from buying. We’re all counting on your honest assessment of our prospects’ situation.  You’re willing to postpone or turn down a sale if it’s in the prospect’s best interest.

– Careful & Curious Listener: you carefully listen to needs of clients, often repeating back what you heard them say (to create empathy and ensure understanding).  You do the same internally with fellow team members.

– Organized Follow-Up: when booking stages, it’s common to think 6-12 months ahead, so it’s crucial that you’re forward-looking, top-of-mind for meeting planners throughout the year, and fully prepared when opportunities arise. When selling clients, it’s common for them to ask us to circle back in 3-6 months, so it’s crucial you’ve got a tight calendar, organized reminder-system, and consistent weekly habits.

– Thoughtful and Caring: you regularly show our prospects and clients that you care about their humanity.  Entrepreneurs care about their businesses as they care about their own children, so helping them with an Assistant is far more personal (and sometimes emotional) than this being “just a deal.”  You instinctively listen for special life occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) and circle back to acknowledge our prospects, clients, and teammates at just the right moment.

– Life-long Learner: you’re passionate about honing the craft of sales, elevating leadership, and expanding personal development.  You regularly, proactively seek new books and courses to elevate your skills, mindset, and personal performance.


– Base pay of $50,000/yr

– Commission of 5% on all sales; $1M in sales equals $50,000 in commission

– Contract (1099) position


Although benefits are not included initially, there’s the possibility of renegotiating this in the future if you’re consistently a loyal, high-performer hitting all metrics on a regular basis (even as benchmarks rise).

Prove your ability, and you’ll have the opportunity to build a sales team underneath you.

Instead of fighting to climb the ranks in a crowded “big” business, fast track to the top by joining our new and fast-growing startup!

To Apply:

Email with the subject line,  “I’m  (insert your name),  A Hungry Sales Pro Who Plays Fair from (insert your city)”.

In the body, include 3 short stories (6 sentences or less per story) of sales success stories you’ve had selling services to small business owners.

In the P.S. line, include the link to one video our CEO has done for Forbes.

Do not attach a resume; if you get shortlisted you’ll have an opportunity to provide your resume later.  Get any of these instructions wrong and your application will be immediately disqualified.

Thank you!