Virtual Assistant Job Opportunities

Job Application Requirements

In order to be considered for one of our open positions, you must:

  • Reside in the United States or Canada
  • Follow the exact instructions as listed under the “How to Apply” section of the job posting.
Our Application Process Is Unique And Includes Extensive Assessments. 
We want to find the best match possible for our high-profile entrepreneurs, and the application process plays a critical role in that.
If you are shortlisted to move forward, we will notify you via email and share a set of questions to be answered in a specific format.
In order to ensure a smooth progression we kindly request that you respond to the email within 24 hours of the receiving it. Your prompt response will greatly assist us in moving forward with your application. If you are selected to move forward, we will then provide you with the next steps in the process.
Please note that applicants who do not respond or fail to follow the instructions as outlined in the email will not advance to the next round. 
We are excited to receive your application and look forward to hearing from you!

Job Postings

Want to be a great assistant for one of our clients? Join the ranks of our successful Virtual Assistants and elevate your career to new heights. Enjoy the freedom of flexible schedules, 100% remote opportunities, and a focus on professional growth. If you excel in communication, time management, and making a significant impact, apply now to become an invaluable asset to entrepreneurs as a trusted virtual assistant. Embrace this chance to unlock a world of possibilities and shape your future today.

Click below to apply to one of our current opening!

At The Rich Barber, we’re changing the game in men’s grooming. We’re currently seeking a Virtual Assistant to aid in our mission. Want to join the revolution? Click here to learn more!

Susan Chen, the VP and Partner, and Peter Spoerri, the President, guide Honest Jackson with a clear purpose: “Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life.” Our mission is to help 4,000 people find inner calm through Vedic Meditation by 2025. We work with influential teachers such as Thom Knoles and The Rajus Ayurveda. Learn more here.

Next Level Functional Nutrition is a professional continuing education/training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy for healthcare professionals (primarily dietitians at this time). Training currently is all online and offers free webinars, paid courses in individual topics, and a full bundle certification program. Learn more here.

Awake to Love is a spiritual seminar, one-on-one coaching, and podcast/radio show company..Our purpose is to help you live from your best (divine) self so you are happier, healthier, and purposeful. We live by our core values of Working Excellently, Being caring and service-oriented, Being Proactive, and Being Accountable. Learn more here.

Were looking for a virtual assistant who is detailed in their work, always on top of deadlines, someone who can anticipate needs, and someone who can be assertive about how things should be operating. This position will have a great deal of autonomy but will require set daily hours for certain meetings. Learn more here.

Toyin Crandell is the host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, a best-selling author, a financial mentor, an international speaker, and the founder of Money Mindset SHIFT. She specializes in helping people scale their business revenue and career income, design a bulletproof financial freedom plan, and create the multimillion-dollar bank account and lifestyle they have worked hard for by ditching their limiting beliefs about money and through strategic financial and business coaching, Learn more here.

We are looking for a virtual assistant who is friendly, organized, professional, detail-oriented, has strong follow-through, communicates when unsure about what to do next, is unafraid of being accountable when a mistake is made, and is experienced with data management privacy. Learn more here.

Unleash your organizational prowess and creative flair as you support Liv Schreiber in the fast-paced realm of marketing, events, and influencing. Click here for more info.

Mountain Aire Veterinary Hospital is seeking a tech-savvy Virtual Assistant who is ready to own the technology and processes that keep us running. To learn more Click Here.

Catarina Ranch Investments, LLC holds a variety of income-producing real estate around the country leased primarily to corporations. Learn more here.

At Next Level Income we help professionals develop passive income streams to achieve financial independence.

Our purpose is to Help others achieve financial freedom through financial education and investment opportunities so that they are free to pursue their passions, better health, and give freely of their time and money. Learn more here.

Check out Great Assistant’s Assistant Journey to learn more about our application process and opportunities we offer.  

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