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Job Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in our job openings!
To Be Considered For Any of Our Positions, You Must Meet The Following Requirements:
  • Reside 100% in the United States or Canada
  • Pass our vetting process and respond to our requests within the specified timeframe
  • Have a good and reliable internet speed
Learn more about our application and vetting process:

We’re excited you’re considering a career with one of our clients! Our application process is unique and includes an extensive vetting process. At Great Assistant, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect match for our clients, helping talented individuals like you become a valuable part of their teams. To ensure you have a clear understanding of our vetting process, we’ve created a detailed video outlining each step.

Watch Our Video for a detailed overview of what to expect, from your initial application to the final interview with a client.

This video will provide you with all the necessary information to navigate the application process with confidence. Once matched, you’ll become a valued member of the Great Assistant family, where we provide free training and support to help you excel in your new role. We want to find the best match possible for our high-profile entrepreneurs, and the application process plays a critical role in ensuring a great match.

Before you apply:

We encourage you to thoroughly review the job posting, as we believe in full transparency. 

Detailed information about the role, including the employment type (W2/1099), pay rate, hours, and benefits (if available), among other important details are provided in the job posting to help you find a position that perfectly fits your needs. Please do not apply to a position that does not meet your requirements.

If you are shortlisted to move forward in the vetting process, we will notify you via email with the next step.

Please note: Applicants who do not respond or fail to follow the instructions as outlined in the email, will not advance to the next round.

We are excited to receive your application and look forward to hearing from you!

Please Do Not Contact Our Clients Directly. Doing So Will Disqualify Your Application.

Job Postings

Want to be a Great Assistant for one of our clients? Join the ranks of our successful Virtual Assistants and elevate your career to new heights. Enjoy the freedom of flexible schedules, 100% remote opportunities, and a focus on professional growth. If you excel in communication, time management, and making a significant impact, apply now to become an invaluable asset to entrepreneurs as a trusted virtual assistant. Embrace this chance to unlock a world of possibilities and shape your future today.

Click below to apply to one of our current opening!

Evolution Basketball Training provides basketball training and camps to players from 1st grade through college and pro, with their main reputation coming from the over 500 college players they’ve developed. Learn more here.

Explore an exciting opportunity with the Law Office of Chun T. Wright, PLLC. We’re a boutique law firm known for our commitment to precision and innovation. As our assistant, you’ll play a key role in our dynamic legal team, working to support our operations in the tech, entertainment, and apparel sectors. Click here to learn more about this role.

Are you eager to bring your marketing and operations skills to a team led by Annie Wright, dedicated to empowering and supporting ambitious women? Embrace the chance to contribute to a meaningful mission in a role that blends creativity, strategy, and operational expertise. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career journey and click here.

The mission of Coldtute Wellness is to create a healthier and more vibrant world by providing access to the therapeutic benefits of the cold. Learn more here.

Vanguarde Artists Management Ltd. is an entertainment management company representing filmmakers (screenwriters, directors, producers, etc) in their careers. Learn more here.

Join our team as Dr. Tom’s Virtual Assistant, providing essential support in a role that enhances healthcare delivery and patient experiences. In this dynamic position, you’ll handle a variety of tasks, including scheduling, administrative duties, and assisting with innovative health education programs. This is an opportunity to be part of a transformative healthcare environment dedicated to holistic, patient-centered care. To learn more, click here.

Lisa runs a program evaluation business working primarily with university faculty who obtain funding from the National Science Foundation or the Department of Education. Her clients are typically in Computer Science, Engineering or, more recently, Geosciences. Her clients also include K-12 school districts. Learn more here.

Kynship is a performance marketing agency that reduces customer acquisition costs for 8-9-figure e-commerce brands. Learn more here.

Chris is building the world’s best member’s club for entrepreneurs. Connecting members across the world with weekly learnings, masterminds, and in-person events. Learn more here.

Revalia is seeking to revolutionize biomedical innovation by honoring the gift of every organ donor. They work closely with hospitals and organ procurement organizations to enable organ donation after patients pass away from incurable diseases–like untreatable lung cancer–that prevent donation for clinical transplantation. They then bring the organs back to life on organ perfusion technology to run transformative research studies aimed at accelerating the development of breakthrough biomedical technologies without putting patient’s lives at risk.  Learn more here.

Susan Chen, the VP and Partner, and Peter Spoerri, the President, guide Honest Jackson with a clear purpose: “Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life.” Our mission is to help 4,000 people find inner calm through Vedic Meditation by 2025. We work with influential teachers such as Thom Knoles and The Rajus Ayurveda. Learn more here.

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