Virtual Assistant Job Opportunities

Job Application Requirements

In order to be considered for one of our open positions, you must:

  • Reside in the United States or Canada
  • Follow the exact instructions as listed under the “How to Apply” section of the job posting.
Our application process is unique and includes extensive assessments.  We want to find the best match possible for our high-profile Entrepreneurs, and the application process plays a critical role in that. You can expect to complete additional assessments if you pass this first step.  If you pass these assessments, we’ll invite you to interview with an onboarding consultant.

Job Postings

Do It! Marketing is looking for a who is skilled in technology platforms, willing to learn, confident, and proactive. You will work directly with our Operations Director to maintain and improve the behind-the-scenes technology that we use daily and one-time projects as needed. Interested? Click here to learn more!

SaberSim is looking for a full-time Executive Assistant who is an exceptionally organized person, quick learner and great with problem solving. You will be the must be CEO’s right hand and must be able to handle multiple tasks and be and have the ability to research and figure out how to get specific tasks done. Is this you? Click here for more information.

Allie Bloyd Media is looking for an exceptionally organized, quick, and dedicated Executive Assistant to support our founder Allie Bloyd. You must possess great communication skills, verbal & written. You will be assisting Allie with task management, social media, calendar management, scheduling, and a variety of other administrative duties. Learn more >

Home 4 You is seeking an organized and dedicated Executive Assistant with a warm, nice, honest & positive attitude to support our owner Iwan Van Deurzen in his businesses, Home 4 You & Mink Farming, as well as some personal tasks. You must have exceptional writing/communication skills. Find out more >

Do you love to multitask and enjoy handling a variety of tasks? WD Wealth Strategies is looking for a competent virtual assistant that encompasses their core values of Accountability, Honesty & Transparency. You will be supporting WD Wealth Strategies’ two Advisors/Relationship Managers; Michael Enyart and Nikita Gold. For more information click here

Awake to Love is seeking an Executive Assistant. The successful assistant will be experienced with general administrative tasks and have a passion for marketing. You will be assisting the company with marketing(basic), operations, administrative, and some basic bookkeeping tasks. Find out more >

Preferred Insurance California is seeking an exceptionally organized and dedicated Executive Assistant with a warm & nice attitude to support our owner Aaron Chavez. You will be assisting Aaron in data entry, scheduling, communicating between the California and Colorado headquarters, and a variety of administrative tasks. Find out more here >

Growth Community is looking for a virtual assistant who is a fast learner and resourceful. The successful assistant will need to be extremely proactive. You will need to be an effective communicator both verbally and written.  Learn more >

NursePreneurs is looking for a virtual assistant who is detailed in their work, always on top of deadlines, someone who can anticipate needs, and someone who can be assertive about how things should be operating. This position will have a great deal of autonomy but will require set daily hours for certain meetings. For more information click here.

Check out Great Assistant’s Assistant Journey to learn more about our application process and opportunities we offer.  

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