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From $250K/month to $920K/month

“Enabled us to take our company 12 months ago where we were doing 250,000/month to last month where we did $920,000/month. That explosive growth is only possible because we had the right people behind the scenes keeping the wheels turning and making everything work great.”

– Russ Ruffino, Founder of Clients On Demand

No Longer In My Email Inbox Which is Crazy

“We’ve hired 4 Assistants through Great Assistant and it’s been unbelievable the experience that we’ve had working with them. Hiring an Assistant is one of the greatest ways for your business to grow so they can take things off your plate. I’m no longer in my email inbox which is crazy!”

-Pete Vargas, Founder of Advance Your Reach

My Assistant was able to find $20,000 worth of business in my spam folder! Great Assistant is amazing and their Assistant saved my life.”

– Elena Pisarchuk-Wilkins, Founder of Vega-Licious

“My Assistant is able to think beyond the job they were assigned while anticipating what I need them to do next. She’s the perfect fit!”

-Ryan Green, Operations Director at Clients on Demand

“Nothing slips by my Assistant and she’s lovely to work with. I can trust her to just ‘handle it’ with my clients who reach out for help and support”

-Vanessa Simpkins, Founder of Take Your Power Back Now

I tried 5 different times to hire an assistant over the years. Each was a terrible experience and very expensive. You guys pared me up with Bridgett in just a few weeks. You helped train us and got us working together smoothly. It has been transformational for me, my family, and my business.

My VA is a fantastic match and I am very happy. Your team is great and I was very happy to work with them. But your real strength comes from the Kolbe match and the dedicated one-to-one match between the entrepreneur and their assistant.

I already have recommended you guys! My VA has been a really good fit for me so far, … she’s a quality candidate and I see myself working with her for a long time.

My VA is doing so much, so well that I actually had to let my old assistant go. The contrast was so stark I couldn’t justify keeping my old person on anymore. She is responsive, learns quickly, and is excited about the work. I feel like I really lucked out in finding Great Assistant and being matched with her.

My VA is great. She is accurate in her work and helps keep me organized. I have a million more things to hand off to her, but I like the approach we are taking where she is getting a task or two a week and mastering them before I give her a new one. 

We’re thrilled! Our Assistant fits us so perfectly. Our Assistant has been amazing. She’s so fast! I’m getting things done I’ve been meaning to do for years. She’s really honest too. She’s getting me organized and writing SOPs. My productivity has skyrocketed.