Get Your Time Back With a North American Assistant Using our 23-Step Hiring Process…

…so you can finally free yourself from the mundane day-to-day tasks once and for all

What Others Are Saying About Great Assistant:

But No One Can Do It Better Than Me…

11 years ago I tried hiring my first-ever assistant.

At first I was excited.  

But within 3 months I’d blown $10,000 and sadly parted ways with her.


I was so disappointed (and frustrated) it was two years before I tried again.

I believed it was either too hard or too expensive to find the right assistant who I could trust with the $10/hr – $20/hr tasks necessary to keep my business rolling.

So I went back to doing it ALL myself, consistently clocking 60-80 hour workweeks.

Little did I know I was riding the razor’s edge of burnout.

Every late night nudged me ever-closer to collapse.

My friends and family grew concerned.

They warned me…

“Tim you need to take better care of yourself.”

I politely thanked them for their concern, but silently rebuked…

“Meh – burnout could never happen to me.”

But then it did.

Rock Bottom: I Couldn’t Walk for 3 Months

In late-2010, I faced a stressful business situation which became the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

December 26, 2010, my body’s joints started swelling uncontrollably. 

By New Years’ Eve the pain was so intense I couldn’t walk.

After seeing 3 different doctors, the diagnosis came in: 

A rare, stress-related illness called Erythema Nodosum.

At 28 years old, I was forced to move back into my parents’ home to receive ongoing care.  

It was so painful to stand, my Mom placed a clothes hamper upside-down in the shower so I could sit and bathe myself.

Unable to work, my business fell apart.  My personal and business bank accounts nearly went to zero.

It was the most broke (and broken) I’d ever been.

I had NO CHOICE but to figure out a better way to do business.

(I’ve never been afraid of hard work, but – for god’s sake – this was ridiculous.  I couldn’t walk!)

I was relieved when the doctors told me I’d recover, but dismayed there was no treatment.

All I could do was rest and wait.

And wait…

…And wait.

As I stared at the ceiling day after day, I made myself two promises:

  1. Never again would I take my mobility for granted.
    (Since recovering, I’ve done over 600 Crossfit workouts – proud of that!)
  2. Never again would I be a burnout entrepreneur.

As soon as I could move my arms enough to search the internet, I began my comeback.

A few months later I could walk again, and by April 2011 I was back to walking and living on my own.

What a relief.

As I rebuilt my company, I kept my eye on various books and courses on hiring, scaling, and systems.

I Made Every Mistake in the Book

The next few years I made small attempts at hiring different contractors from around the world for different projects and roles.

I tried local and virtual.

I tried every online job board and job source.

I tried workers from over 5 different countries.

I paid anywhere from $4/hr to $30/hr for different tasks.

I tried part-time and full-time.

Short-term and ongoing.

Slowly, piece-by-piece I was making fewer and fewer errors.

It all clicked when I finally found and hired my first North American Assistant.

After my success, I started helping friends and colleagues of mine get their own North American Assistant.

After helping a dozen or so Entrepreneurs, Great Assistant was born.

Great Assistant Logo
The Ultimate ‘Done-For-You’ Hiring Service that Finds, Vets, and Matches You with Your Own ‘Dedicated’ North American Virtual Assistant
Without Spending Months Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own So You Can Focus On What Matters Most

My team and I have distilled the whole process down to a science which breaks down into 23-steps that makes finding that ‘Right-Hand’ Great Assistant not just a dream, but a reality.

We’ve worked with over 400 Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are…

* Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators

* Experts, Educators, Speakers and Authors

* Agency Owners and Service Providers

* E-commerce and Amazon Sellers

* Accountants and Financial Advisors

We find, vet, and hire their very own dedicated Great Assistant to help handle all the day-to-day minutia tasks so they can focus on what truly matters in their business and life.

How We Find Your Great Assistant If You’re a Fit For Our Program

Here’s How Our Process Works:

Step 1:

You meet with our Onboarding Consultant to discover what you and your business needs in an Assistant

Step 2:

We take care of the custom job posting, testing, and interviewing to narrow down your best fit

Step 3:

You interview our final candidate for working chemistry

Step 4:

Once matched, You and your Assistant will go through our training that’ll help the two of you with Onboarding, Delegating and Managing your new relationship to ensure success 

Us Entrepreneurs Have to Stay in Our Zone of Genius so We Can Focus On…

  • Speaking
  • Networking
  • Creating content
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Spending high-value time with our clients
  • Recharging our batteries with self-care
  • Pick up a new hobby (or revisit an existing one)

It makes no sense for us to learn how to do anything that happens only once in a while.

For example, we don’t go to law school when we need a contract for our business. Nor do we go to school to become an Accountant just to do our taxes once per year.

Instead, we hire professionals and specialists to handle that so we can stay in our Zone of Genius.

So it only makes sense that we work with professionals when it comes to hiring the most important person on our team, an Executive Assistant.

This Service Is For….

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are on the never-ending ‘hamster wheel’ of administrative and operational tasks that sucks up all the time in their day

  • Coaches, Consultants and Course Creators who need more time to focus on closing new clients, delivering on their services and creating new content

  • Experts, Educators, Speakers and Authors who need to focus on sharing their message to the world without getting stuck in the weeds

  • Professional Service Providers who needs someone with attention to detail that can deal with sensitive and personal client information

If you have a business making over 6-figures a year, then you’ve likely reached a point where you can’t grow anymore unless you ‘let go’ of the $10-$20/hr tasks.

This will allow you to focus on the high-impact, high-reward tasks that will help your business scale to new heights.

Let us help you find your Great Assistant so you can focus on what truly matters in your business and your life.

This Service is NOT For…

  • Multi-Level-Marketing or Network Marketing Salespeople
  • Entrepreneurs who need someone local to their city for ‘in-person’ work
  • Entrepreneurs who are based in countries outside of the US or Canada
  • People without a real business or those who are just starting out

  • Entrepreneurs who need someone to speak multiple languages

Please Only Book If…

  • You’ve watched the 12 minute presentation at the top of the page
  • You’ve read through the “Who This Is For / Who This Is NOT For” section above
  • You’re based in the United States or Canada
  • English is your main language in business 
  • You’re seeking an Assistant located in the United States or Canada (we can’t promise any specific state/province, timezone, or country)
  • You’re seeking a Virtual Assistant (not in-office)
  • You’re okay paying your Assistant $20 – $24/hr
  • You’re able to hire your Assistant for at least 20 hours per week

You’re actually going to show up for the call. If you do not show up, you will NOT get a second chance. Please take this seriously and show up with intention.

(PLUS, “no showing” creates bad karma for you and your business, and no one likes bad karma)

Assuming you’re good with all the above, my team is looking forward to talking with you soon!

Our Founder Has Been Seen On…

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying About Great Assistant

From $250K/month to $920K/month

“Enabled us to take our company 12 months ago where we were doing 250,000/month to last month where we did $920,000/month. That explosive growth is only possible because we had the right people behind the scenes keeping the wheels turning and making everything work great.”

– Russ Ruffino, Founder of Clients On Demand

No Longer In My Email Inbox Which is Crazy

“We’ve hired 4 Assistants through Great Assistant and it’s been unbelievable the experience that we’ve had working with them. Hiring an Assistant is one of the greatest ways for your business to grow so they can take things off your plate. I’m no longer in my email inbox which is crazy!”

-Pete Vargas, Founder of Advance Your Reach

My Assistant was able to find $20,000 worth of business in my spam folder! Great Assistant is amazing and their Assistant saved my life.”

– Elena Pisarchuk-Wilkins, Founder of Vega-Licious

“My Assistant is able to think beyond the job they were assigned while anticipating what I need them to do next. She’s the perfect fit!”

-Ryan Green, Operations Director at Clients on Demand

“Nothing slips by my Assistant and she’s lovely to work with. I can trust her to just ‘handle it’ with my clients who reach out for help and support”

-Vanessa Simpkins, Founder of Take Your Power Back Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Do I Get An Assistant?

There’s 2 timelines, one we control, one you control. Once you finish all aspects of the application process (discovery call, payment, meet with our onboarding consultant…etc) then it’s time for us to swoop into action. Within 30 days of you “handing off” everything to us, you’ll have a Great Assistant

Do I Get to Be Part of the Hiring Process?

Your initial meeting with our team will define the scope and ability of the Assistant you need. After that, we’ll take care of the rest and we’ll execute our hiring process ‘as designed’. Once we send you a finalist, your only role is to decide if there’s good working chemistry.

It’s like fine dining. You tell the server what you’re looking for, then you can focus on your dinner conversation while we prepare your meal.  You aren’t in the kitchen cooking, that’s all up to us.

If you want to add/change our process, then you’ll no longer be doing our program. If that’s the case, then our program isn’t a fit. 

Is the Assistant Dedicated to Me or Do I ‘Rent’ Them From You?

When we find you a Great Assistant, we hand them off to you and they become your dedicated assistant. They do not work for us, they’ll be working for you. This allows them to get familiar with you and your business so you can reap the ‘compound interest’ that only happens with a dedicated team member. 

What Types of Assessments Do You Use?

We have a handful of Enterprise level assessment tools including the Kolbe Index to assess our candidates on their motivation, goals, personality, reading, writing, reasoning, working instinct and much more. 

What Happens If the Assistant Doesn’t Work Out?

We have a 90 Day Re-Match guarantee. The reason we choose 90 days is based on multiple studies around working relationships. Within the first 90 days, Entrepreneurs and Managers will have a good sense of the fit in regards to the working relationship.

If for any reason, you or your Assistant wants to end the working relationship within the first 90 days, then either party can let us know and we’ll be more than happy to create a new match to you at no extra charge. 

Is My Assistant W2 or 1099?

Unfortunately for liability reasons we’re not in a position to give advice on whether to bring your Assistant on as a W2 or 1099. The vast majority of our clients will hire their Assistant on as 1099 to begin with, then they’ll assess after a few months have gone by to see if it still makes sense for their specific business needs

90-Day Re-Match Guarantee

Your Assistant is Backed by our 90-Day Re-Match Guarantee

If for any reason, you or your Assistant wants to end the working relationship within the first 90 days, then either party can let us know and we’ll be more than happy to create a new match for you at no extra charge.

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