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Click the image to download the PDF.  I hope you find it helpful.  Keep an eye on your email for other tips on delegating.

Onwards & Upwards,

-Tim 🙂

Are You Interested in Getting Your Own Great Assistant?

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If you’re still doing a lot of $15/hr tasks like:

  • Checking your own email
  • Managing your own calendar
  • Sending out invoices
  • Doing research
  • Booking travel
  • Following up with clients
  • …etc

Then it might be time to consider getting your own Assistant.

Start focus on more higher-level projects and tasks like:

  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Closing more deals
  • Creating joint venture partners
  • Attending conferences
  • And more time spent with family & friends.

Book a discovery session with a member of my team to see if you’re ready to graduate from ‘Doing the Work’ to ‘Leading the Work’.