An Insider’s Look at Life as a Great Assistant 

Alyssa Holguin, Virtual Assistant, Sprintwell

Searching for Remote Work

Aylssa Holguin recently moved to a new city and was finding it difficult to find employment where her Communications degree, professional experience, and passion for technology and organization would be valued. 

Having worked remotely a few days a week in her previous position, she felt strongly that a work-from-home opportunity might be the key to finding a new role to fit her unique background and professional goals.

Alyssa started searching for remote opportunities and responded to Great Assistant’s job posting for Sprintwell’s Virtual Assistant position.

The Vetting Process and Getting the Job

After extensive vetting and several interviews later, Alyssa was welcomed into the Great Assistant Program. She was provided training, where she learned skills to be able to support entrepreneurs remotely.

She was offered the Virtual Assistant position at Sprintwell and began working as a Great Assistant in Summer 2019. 

Alyssa recalls, “The whole process and communication with Great Assistant was so easy. It was timely and clear. They supported me and provided me with the tools and training to be great at what I do.”

Working as a Great Assistant

Alyssa loves her new position as a Great Assistant supporting the cofounders at Sprintwell. 

She reflects, “Things are going really well! The work changes daily and weekly. I’m clear on my goals and am fully supported. I’ve been so benefited by the co-founders drive to continuously pour into me professionally.”

In the last several months, Alyssa has been delegated day-to-day administrative tasks including managing the cofounders’ email inboxes and calendars, client invoicing, project management, and organizing events and workshops. 

Because of her drive and ability to learn quickly, she’s also taken on editing videos for social media, filing taxes, and applying for trademarks.

A Lasting Impact

Alyssa has been told that because of her work, the cofounders now have more mental space and can connect with their audience in a more impactful way. 

She notes, “I’m so grateful to the co-founders for trusting me. Its been so helpful in allowing me to take full responsibility of delegated tasks. 

“I feel valued, I have a great work-life balance, and I know my work as a Great Assistant makes a real difference to their business.”

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