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About Great Assistant 

 Get the Minutiae Off Your Plate, So You Can Focus on Work You Love 

Our team at Great Assistant have become the #1 authority on helping you get your time back:

  • Find a Winning Assistant - one of the most powerful decisions you'll ever make is getting a great Assistant. Most successful Entrepreneurs claim it's the most important hire they've ever made. The problem is it can be really tricky to find the "diamonds in the rough." We'll help you stack the deck in your favour.  
  • Figure Out What to Delegate First - there's a real art and science to delegation. What to begin with? What's too big or too small? Too hard or too easy? We've developed proprietary tools to help you demystify where to begin.  
  • Lead Effectively - it's tempting to think your journey is complete once you make a job offer. In reality, you've only just begun. Effective onboarding, training, and ongoing management can make or break a relationship. It's said that 50% of workers who quit do so because they hate their boss. We can help you be on the right side of that statistic!  
  • Build Long-Lasting Trust and Results - like any great investment, a great Assistant will literally get better and better over time. Soon they'll be doing things you never imagined possible. A crucial element is building trust. We can help you get beyond some of your fundamental fears.

We've helped over 200 Entrepreneurs directly through our done-for you service, and 1000s more through our free tools and communities.

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