Free: Guide to Getting a Great Assistant

Having an Assistant is no longer just for big businesses. Entrepreneurs everywhere are discovering the speed, ease, and profitability that comes from properly hiring and leading not just any Assistant, but a great Assistant.

Download this guide and you’ll learn not only how to get a great Assistant, but keep them and make them incredibly profitable for you.

You’ll learn:

  • how to find the $10 – $20/hr work you should delegate
  • how to find the $500 – $5,000/hr work you should do more of
  • where the find the best Assistants
  • what to delegate first
  • how to manage them
  • how much to spend
  • simple strategies on how to finally trust your Assistant
  • Plus, how to avoid these major landmines:

  • Why “inexpensive,” overseas Assistants can actually be damaging to your business
  • The punishing fees and crippling costs some Agencies charge you
  • When you shouldn’t get an Assistant
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    Guide to Getting a Great Assistant

    Finally, you’ll get a handful of tools you can use immediately in your own business, and also see real-world stories of Entrepreneurs just like you.

    Written by Tim Francis, Entrepreneur and veteran of over a decade of hiring virtual talent. Tim and his team at Great Assistant have helped hire over 250 Assistants for Entrepreneurs in the United States and Canada. Tim is a contributor to, and has been a guest lecturer at NYU in New York City.